Soviet Girls Drinking and Smoking

Soviet Girls Smoking and Drinking Painting

It is kind of odd a lot of my recent paintings involve smoking cigars (like the Che Guevara one) and in this one a Soviet style cigarette. I have never smoked, and drink very seldomly. Maybe there is something Freudian there, or maybe the past dictates the future a little bit.

The concept of this work is simple, girls going as wild as they could during Soviet times. The girls are not lesbians this time, but close friends or even sisters. They don’t have a lot of time to drink or smoke and must do so quietly in the basement or in the forrest.

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At 31, I am a newly freedomized American citizen after having spent my first 27 years in the grueling confines of Russia. I left the US the day after I got my citizenship for the Netherlands and haven't been back since. Freedom might be had for a relatively low cost, but it can take a really long time to acquire legally.